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Our security business sets the standard when it comes to protecting you and your company. We provide unarmed, armed, and patrol services to clients residing in Chicago, Illinois, and other surrounding areas.

About Us

Guarded Interest Security Corp. is the future of the security industry, implementing new technology and advanced training requirements to improve the overall performance of security officers, Guarded Interest Security Corp. provides services not available in any other security company currently providing security. It will take older security firms’ years to adjust to the training and technology requirements needed in 2020, GI Security started at this high standard and will only continue to get better.


Our officers

Guarded Interest Security corp provides highly vested officers whom integrity and dedication cannot be matched by any other security firm, our employees ...



Guarded Interest Security corp invested in state-of-the-art equipment & vehicles to provide enhanced services for their clients. GI Security fleet ...


Community Engagement

Guarded Interest Security corp is built on customer service and community relations. Guarded Interest Security corp has a community ...

Community Engagement

Guarded Interest Security corp brings a new perspective on how security should be conducted and initialized. Guarded Interest Security corp does not follow the traditional standards of previously formed security firms. Guarded Interest Security corp focus is on employee development and community development to propel business development. Customer service has left the security industry and started to focus more on ...

Why Choose Us

We use cutting edge technology in our training methods so we can offer quality services that exceed your expectations. Our team can respond quickly to different current events such as riots and health outbreaks like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Employee Partnership Program

Our company recognizes the importance of having good employee relations. This is why we have the GI-EPP or Guarded Interest – Employee Partnership Program.

The Guarded Interest Security Employee Partnership Program consist of an unprecedented employee growth and development program that encourages employees to work toward career growth in security or whatever field they are passionate about. The program places employees on a three-year contract that maps out the employee career goals from start to finish. Guarded Interest Security Corp. enters into a partnership with each employee to provide the necessary assistance for each employee to achieve career goals and employees enter into an agreement to help the company reach its business goals. This creates a partnership with the company and employee which Guarded Interest Security Corp. feels will set the standard of employee relations for other businesses in the industry. At the end of the program the employee will maintain employment with full benefits and competitive wages in their career choice, the business receives a dedicated employee that will surpass the work ethic of any other employee in the security industry. Guarded Interest Security does not just protect the interest of clients and company but also projects the livelihood of its employees. Guarded Interest Security Corp. set asides twenty percent of its net earnings for employee stock options, giving employees a vested interest in the company. Together business & employees can create a partnership that is bonded by trust and mutual respect for one another. This partnership is what is needed to prevent theft, looting and destruction caused by outside elements of a business. Officers that go to work with a passion for the success of their company that results in their ultimate success in life.

The employee is the most important commodity when it comes to security, the employee must have a vested interest in the company to provide integrity, professionalism and loyalty. Guarded Interest Security Corp. requires the absolute best out of there employees/partners, providing ownership of company and contracted career development speaks volume, when it comes to commitment. Guarded Interest Security Corp. pledge says it all (United We Stand Divided We Fall).