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For advanced security options, turn to none other than Guarded Interest Security Corp. We offer different security and protection solutions to various clients in Chicago, Illinois, and other surrounding areas.

Different Security Services


Armed Security

This type of solution consists of a security guard that is licensed to carry firearms. It is designed for any business or property.


Unarmed Security Guard

Unlike the other one, this is mainly about patrolling without any firearms involved. You can select this one if you have any property or commercial business that needs effective surveillance.


Vehicle Patrol

If you have a big property, this is a better option for you. One of our security guards will do the patrolling and surveillance in a marked car so you can focus on the other parts of your business.

Innovative Technology


Facial Recognition

Guarded Interest Security corp utilizes state of the art technology to enhance to capabilities of Guarded Interest security professional personnel. Guarded Interest Security corp utilizes facial recognition and place mapping to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering premises by scanning images and recognizing attempted entries by barred individuals. The capabilities of this system enhances the security of the lobby officer by recognizing offenders more rapidly than the human eye. The prevention of entry for offenders that commit crimes on property is the best form of security.


Personnel computer

Guarded Interest Security corp provides IPad tablets that has custom software that records and monitors the reports of officers working in the field. This system provides consistent communication with officers working in the field. Clients of Guarded Interest Security corp receive digital daily reports that are in real-time, to allow immediate response to incidents or security breaches.


Robot Patrol

Guarded Interest Security corp has been working with several robot manufacturing firms on developing a robot that can patrol properties and record suspicious activities on properties secured by Guarded Interest Security corp. Robots are capable of providing video footage that could be viewed remotely. The footage could be utilized in court for prosecution of shop lifting, vandalism, break-ins, etc. Guarded Interest Security corp currently utilizes drones to patrol large parking lots and large venues. The drones provide the capability to monitor large areas.


Body Cams

Guarded Interest Security corp company started with the utilization of body cameras to critique the service of officers and improve on services provided. Guarded Interest Security corp utilizes the body cameras to help protect clients property and officers integrity while working.

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